4 teen coffee shop and restaurant

4TEEN is a new coffee restaurant , with delicious food, with the mission of making your day.
4TEEN restaurant is a great place to make your holiday unforgettable. Your events will be varied, fun and entertaining, with delicious food, great atmosphere and fun games.
And at 4 TEEN Café you have the opportunity to enjoy the most delicious coffee in the city, great sweets and have a delicious break.

Distance from hostel: Less than one km

Address: Charents 22

Phone: +374 44141441


Arame Karaoke Club

This karaoke club was founded in 2012. It belongs to the Armenian pop singer Arame. Rich playlist, sound, and lighting new effects, delicious food, and friendly atmosphere. All of these can be found at “Arame” karaoke club. It has two halls, one holds 100 seats, and the other which is VIP is for 35 people.

Distance from hostel: Less than 1 km

Address: Mkhitar Heratsi 2/1

Phone: +374 98 440744


Roly Cinema Club

The ROLY entertainment complex consists of the Lounge and the Cinema Club.
In both the Cinema and Lounge sections you can order a variety of dishes and drinks from our menu, from which we highly recommend tasting Italian and Mexican cuisine.
High quality service, quality food prepared by professional chefs, cocktails with bartender inspiration. They offer you a wide selection of FULL HD image and 5.1 sound quality movies as well as 3D format. And all this in unique and stylish movie theaters.

Distance from hostel: 5km

Address: 5/1 Gribaedov Street

Phone: +374 10 20 70 70


Voodoo Hookah Lounge

Voodoo has a friendly and warm atmosphere. kindly invites you to taste its high-quality hookah, high-quality cocktails and extraordinary cuisine.

Distance from hostel: less than 1km

Address: 43 Charents Street

Phone: +374 98 804343


Mozart Karaoke Club

Mozart karaoke club is equipped with powerful sound system, modern light and laser effects. Club service and atmosphere are strictly supervised by the club administration. Now Mozart karaoke it is one of the best and modern clubs in Yerevan,where you can have an unforgettable time, and get pleasure from songs and dances. Everything there is luxury and original, so that every visitor, can take worthy memories and unforgettable impressions.The club is secured 24 hours by the legal security employees, and by video cameras. The main terms of the club:
1. The entrance for men with pairs.
2. The entrance for women is free.

Distance from hostel: less than 1 km

Address: 1 charents street

Phone: +374 99 556434


The Jose complex is a unique structure of its kind, which includes three halls: a restaurant, a lounge bar and a club, which allows you to satisfy every customer. The Jose complex is distinguished not only by its halls of different orientations, but also by its unique menu. The Jose complex has traditional, Italian, Mexican, European and Japanese cuisine, as well as delicious dishes prepared by special Jose chefs. The complex offers its guests a wide range of cocktails made by skilled bartenders. Here are the best singers, singers, bands, DJs, dancers and presenters from Armenia, as well as those specially invited from abroad by the Jose complex. The complex often hosts cultural events, presentations, exhibitions, themed parties, birthdays, baptisms and weddings, as well as corporate events.

Distance from hostel: less than 1.5 km

Address: 20 Khanjyan Street

Phone: +374 91 540020


For more information please contact us.